On the Two-Way Road of Friendship

Friendship is the best two-way road I know. The longer you drive on the road of friendship, the more you realize that the double-lanes that come and go are best driven with eyes wide open, courtesy, compassion and not trying to get there first.

Distraction in friendship, like in driving can be disastrous. Being present and in the moment for someone is truly important for the friendship to flourish. I find that when someone uses his or her very unique human quality of empathy towards me I feel connected and have a sense that they understand my point of view (it works vice-versa too.)

I like my road of friendship to have relatively little traffic. This is how I enjoy the road best.  I get to really explore the panoramas ahead of me, really delve into the scenery together, stop for a moment and take a short rest-stop (you know when you haven’t seen a friend in years and you just pick right back where you left off), then continue along. Sometimes the friendship is high speed, although I am cautious of this because one tends to tire quickly.

There’s nothing nicer than seeing friends grow…yes, and grow old with you. Then you can laugh together and compare each other’s Michelin guide to life .


Posted on October 21, 2013 .