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I am fascinated by people’s fascination for wanting to become scared and as I grow older I now find it somewhat disturbing.

 I have always been sort of a “fraidy cat” and I now know why. When I was little strange tactics were used to make kids go to sleep. I was often told that the “boogie man” or the “grampus” or “la llorona” would come and get me if I didn’t go to sleep. Yeah, like that’s’ going to work. I hope people know better now than to pull this on children. I don’t think anyone then thought of the very real lingering consequences their actions would bring.

I have watched horror films that made me unable to open a closet door for months without turning the light on first. When I have been to a haunted house I still now have the lingering scent of a rancid, sour smell…yek. I find it disturbing to watch people hurt or damaged by horrible creations from someones sick imagination.

However I do like the children’s version of Halloween. And by children, I do mean children. My favorite part of Halloween was watching all the kindergartener’s in my daughter’s elementary school put on their annual Halloween parade. Soooo….cute. I do enjoy giving out candy and I like it more if the people at the door are under 48”. My daughter LOVES Halloween…go figure. I guess she loves it because she feels safe and all the gore is kept at bay by parents that will protect her.

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The strangest thing about Halloween is seeing it pop-up American-style all over the world. Traveling back from Paris one time, my husband and I were at Charles de Gaulle airport and pulling up to the curb I thought the champagne from last night was giving me visions…the porters, bag checkers, looked like zombies. The ticketing agents were witches and ghouls…OK I get it, Halloween. I couldn’t help but laugh later… on how the world adopts the strangest customs.

Regardless…I do wish everyone a VERY happy and safe All Hallows’ Eve.


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Posted on October 29, 2013 .