The Unexpected Gift

The best kind of gifts for me, are unexpected gifts.

I just love them. I don’t care if it is a chocolate chip cookie waiting on a plate by my desk or a tiny bauble under my pillow. I love them all.

The mere fact that someone thought of me; that they went to the trouble of baking, purchasing, creating just for me is truly beautiful and fills me with joy. I like the fact that it took planning to give me the unexpected gift. It took real thought. It took being present.

Giving unexpected gifts is something just as fulfilling as receiving them. Try buying flowers for someone 2 people back in the grocery store line and tell the cashier not to tell it was you. Stick around to see the joy and then leave. Try buying lunch for someone sitting by themselves, again, ask the waiter not to say whom it was from. Open the door for someone and smile. Give your Fedex guy a gift card for coffee…these are tiny things, everyday things that will change lives including yours.




Posted on December 15, 2014 .