Change at BuDhaGirl

This week we are highlighting change.  I spoke both generally and personally about “change” in my last post, but I will do so now in terms of BuDhaGirl.

In our first video for BuDhaGirl, Susie and I spoke about being the first fashion company to totally embrace intentions for daily mindfulness. That was a big mouthful back then, but I do remember ending the video with: “Changing one person at a time.” It was a goal that just came out, it wasn’t specifically talked about, and when I heard myself say it, I was a bit taken aback. That is one BIG goal.

And exactly what did we mean by changing?

Fourteen months later BuDhaGirl has changed. We were infants for most of the first year and I think we made it through simply because our mission remained intact (Change on how we do things and being present.) We had all sorts of glitches, website problems (major), tech gurus that should have been snake charmers, PR people, social media experts…well…I won’t go into all the details. But guess what, that caused us to learn as much as we could and it caused us to change. We knew it was up to us.

So now let me succinctly tell you what we are about:

Mindful Glamour, turning routines into rituals.

We simplified, we changed.

And our most gratifying change is the response from our friends and clients who are embracing change and becoming BuDhaGirls.




Posted on April 22, 2014 .