Ability to Adapt: REMIX


We are remixing it at BuDhaGirl. We like the word "remix". 

Remixing is about taking something old and making it new. It is about seeing things in a new light. It is about building upon the past and giving it a contemporary spin.

Susie and I remix everything. Clothes, jewelry, food, furniture...pretty much if it is standing still we will give it a new twist.  I think one of the world's best remixers (who happens to be one of my heroes) is Mame Denis, better known as Auntie Mame. 

When Susie and I wear BuDhaGirl jewelry people always say:  "I didn't think of putting it together that way." So, we thought OK... we will take our favorite BuDhaGirl pieces and mix them up how we would wear them." So soon, you'll see our "Remix Collection."

Another thing about remixing is that we usually do it with our favorite things. We love the way something looks or we have the fond memory of where we acquired it.  It is a pretty item but it brings us much more. That's what we want your BuDhaGirl jewelry to be, something you go to because you love it and that brings you more, it brings you to the Now.

BuDhaGirl is about Mindful Glamour, turning routines into rituals. 

We would love for you to remix with us.



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Posted on May 27, 2014 .