Loyal Follower


Of course BuDhaGirl is all-important to me. It has changed the course of my life.

However what is most amazing to me is that we have been able to touch other lives. Lives that are far away in distance from us, but very close in spirit.

I want to pay tribute to one of our followers that gives Susie and I daily inspiration.

She was one of the first and how she stumbled upon us I really don’t know…I’ve never asked. But something we did resonated with her and led her to follow us and share what was important to her.

She commented on our BuDhaGirl jewelry, she often said how much she would like this or that. She commented on our photos, our quotes, our milestones. She shared the things that were important to her with us. One of her postings was our highest liked Instagram. WOW.

She is intelligent, curious, aware and compassionate; the four markers that make a BuDhaGirl. She is also funny, a mom, a grandmom (although you would NEVER believe it), loves animals and has resiliency. I do not know any of her specific challenges but I know that she has emerged stronger. It feels to me that she does not look back.

I want to thank this very special BuDhaGirl from the very bottom of my heart. Because of people like her I wake up everyday excited to work and to build BuDhaGirl into a global organization. Mindful glamour will turn routines into rituals one BuDhaGirl at a time…



Posted on May 5, 2014 .