Home on the Net

The word home evokes an instant total mental picture comprised of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. In this age of technology we are able to invite people into our digital home via a number of different platforms.  For BuDhaGirl this is primarily our website, although we also have "second homes" on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Polyvore....

How did we create our digital home? Our first home was created from a series of words and concepts that we believed held the core of BuDhaGirl principles. We wanted to live in a home that was radically different from what was found elsewhere, but as in all things, this uniqueness sometimes made us unapproachable...hard to navigate...hard to clearly state our message and who we are and what it is we are trying to accomplish.

We live and we learn. And we move. As in other aspects of life where a move is required, there was an initial struggle. Making the decision to move might have been the hardest step, for this required an uprooting and treading on unfamiliar new ground. 

Once that first decision was firmly in place,  everything that followed was a natural progression for moving into our new home. We were amazed at how our views had changed, we wanted light, and we wanted to have fun and change things up; like when you buy new pillows for your sofa, we are now able to re-decorate in a snap. We also now have an easy flow from room to room; like when a physical house feels great because of its wonderful layout. Its easy to clean. Above all our new home sums up who we are now, today. It clearly brings Mindful Glamour into focus and it allows us to guide you into turning your routines into rituals.

This is what BuDhaGirl is about....oh yes...and we have beautiful products too!

As I would say in Spanish: Bienvenidos, mi casa es su casa.





Posted on June 25, 2014 .