New Home

Twinkle Lights.jpg

Do you remember spending the first night in a new home? Many things are happening all at once; leaving your old familiar home, becoming accustomed to the smells, light, temperature and sounds of your new home, learning to navigate in your new surroundings, timing of things, etc…

OK, this is exactly what BuDhaGirl is going through this week. We are in our new home and we invite you to drop in and visit us often….like the wonderful saying in Spanish goes: Mi casa es su casa. We have made this new home vibrant and light. We hope easy to navigate. Inviting you to search new places with content that will inspire you. Give you a glimpse into the latest science of brain and heart health. And of course, new products to guide you into turning your routines into rituals.

BuDhaGirl is about Mindful Glamour and this new home will allow us to share what we believe is important when making your conscious decision to choose BuDhaGirl. Each one of our pieces has a story; it has its own Mindful Glamour Ritual and an extra thought for contemplation. We hope that you will Pause…Be Aware (ritual)…Go, Be it.




Posted on June 20, 2014 .