Most Wanted || Plastikis


Summer 2015 just got wonderfully colorful with tons of mindful glamour...BuDhaGirl introduces Plastiki necklaces, named after the Plastiki, David de Rothschild's catamaran that circumnavigated the earth and was made of recycled water bottles. We have taken the "tamper evident seal" on water bottle caps and used them as our framework for handcrocheted circles of color. Plastikis are wonderful alone, mixed together, or with our BuDhaBoys.  With them you are being conscientiously chic.

On March 20, 2010, the sailing vessel, Plastiki, set off from San Francisco, California to cross the Pacific Ocean with a crew of six which included a filmmaker. The expedition projected landfall in Sydney, Australia and included plans to visit several sites en route of ecological importance or which were susceptible to environmental issues caused by global warming, for instance the current sea level rise, ocean acidification and marine pollution.  We are excited to pay homage to this effort through our colorful necklaces while recycling at the same time.

For our mindful glamour routine when you put these on be aware that everything we use is interconnected to the rest of the world, be mindful. Man has always changed his environment to help him evolve, now we must make sure we conserve our environment so that we continue to do so.

Aren't the plastikis so fresh and fun?  They would really be perfect to wear all summer long.  And this is how they are made-


It was never easier to be chic and recycle at the same time!

Go, Be It.


Posted on June 29, 2015 .