A BuDhaGirl learns wisdom at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Wisdom 2.0
Wisdom 2.0

BuDhaGirl designs all its pieces around its two core values 'mindfulness' and 'glamour' but it is the mindfulness part where we want to focus on today.  It has been interesting to see how this philosophy of living a "mindful" life has since surged in popularity after our launch a few years ago.  We are so glad it has caught-on and that more and more companies are sharing our philosophy of life and are looking into and exploring new ways to help foster this "mindfulness" in today's rapid moving world.  For this reason, BuDhaGirl sponsored Wisdom 2.0's Conference in San Francisco earlier this year as it represents a global community of people dedicated to living with deeper wisdom, compassion, and awareness in the digital age. They bring in speakers from technology companies to speak alongside spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Jon Kabat-Zinn. What you see above is BuDhaGirl's booth at the conference where people were invited to come meditate or just relax during the conference breaks.

So, what did we BuDhaGirls learn at this conference? This year's conference reinforced the absolute movement towards mindfulness in all areas of our life. They focused greatly on mindfulness on the job. How do you really connect with the people you work with? After all you sometimes spend more waking time with them than your family......Is your working environment nurturing to creativity, accomplishment and tranquility? The notion of removing unhealthy stress from the workplace is a considered a must for employees now. 

Balance. Do you need to spend inordinate amounts of time working for the sake of just spending lots of time....or is it best to focus and have bursts of energy that direct the flow of your work and that of others. Guilt. Not good. You must have personal time in order to thrive. The notion of all or nothing in order to succeed is proving toxic and at the end....you can't take it with you....all that is left behind are memories, so you better have some good ones!

The other thing BuDhaGirl learned is that the Wisdom 2.0 community totally embraced mindful glamour.  We were welcomed by contemplative teachers, life coaches, wellness and health practitioners, CEOs of conscious companies, and people who said: We love BuDhaGirl....we love what you stand for, what you are trying to communicate and we love that you are not another fashion company that thinks we are all hippies......and this makes us so happy.


Posted on June 12, 2015 .