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[large shawl | camo Metro tote |Tata Harper hydrating floral essence | noise canceling headphones | BuDhaBoy | black and white top | black ankle pants | pearl lariat | gold all-weather bangles | shoes ]

We love traveling- discovering new places, exploring new cultures, learning new things.  And what might be even better than this is traveling to all those places we already know so well and hold so near and dear to our hearts.  Discovering a divine new restaurant can be equally as amazing as going to an old favorite.  But the actual getting there....the plane, the train, the airports, the security check points, the irritated travelers, the missing luggage is not as fun.  Am I right?  To make this part of the trip a little bit better we are sharing with you some of our favorite accoutrements to travel with.

Airports and planes can get very cold at times.  We love traveling with an over-sized shawl that can double as a blanket.  A cozy traveler is a happy traveler. We just love this A. Barclay option.  For long flights we always carry Tata Harper's hydrating floral essence. Our skin loves us for it after long hours in such a dry environment. Recently, we made the investment of getting noise canceling headphones (game-changer!!) and we think they are worth every penny. Tune-out all the hubbub and enjoy the silence. Relax and meditate.  The Metro Tote is the ultimate large everywhere bag and perfect for traveling because it is lightweight and so durable.  And we could not resist it in the super cool camo print.  Of course, it needs a BuDhaBoy as a bag charm to be truly complete.  Comfortable shoes are a must. These are like wearing slippers and perfect for long walks around cities. 

The all-weather bangles by themselves will make your entire trip so pleasurable.  You will look put-together with these, plus you can keep them on at the security check-point (they are TSA approved!)  Plus you can wear them throughout your trip....in the ocean, in the pool, for a romantic dinner, during the day....You really cannot get a more practical accessory.  And the pearl necklace, well it will give you that touch of elegance while reminding you of how one thing can become so many- from one strand you can make a choker, a long necklace, a double necklace. It has many looks in one, which is perfect for keeping your luggage minimal and your looks varied. We like to look good, but we love being practical as well.

A happy and comfortable traveler is a helpful and thoughtful passenger.  If you take care of yourself you are more likely to help other passengers should the need arise.  Help that older lady but her bag in the overhead bin, don't get upset over the crying baby, help the foreigner find their way. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

What fun plans do you have this summer? Are you a relaxed traveler or a nervous one? What are some of your favorite travel go-to's that we must know about?

Posted on June 19, 2015 and filed under Fashion, Style.