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Exumas, Bahamas, BuDhaGirl, Travel
Budhagirl, all-weather bangles
all-weather bangles, BuDhaGirl, snorkeling
BuDhaGirl, Bahamas, Exumas, Snorkeling
BuDhaGirl, snorkeling, Travel
BuDhaGirl, all-weather bangles, snorkeling, Bahamas, Exumas

The Exumas are a district of the Bahamas and consist of 365 islands or cays.  It's waters have the perfect turquoise color and it's beaches are made up of that beautiful white sand making it the perfect beach destination. The islands are secluded and unspoiled, nature is abundant and the coastlines are flawless.  There is great snorkeling and diving (there are sunken Spanish galleons you can explore, and blue holes and caves and caverns).  You can even swim with the pigs! Jessica, our CEO and Creative Director, visited the Exumas while on her holiday with her family and wanted to share these photos with you.  They did some diving and snorkeling and you can bet the all-weather bangles (in gold and silver!) came along for the under water exploratory ride as did the ottoman silk cord necklace. Don't you love how versatile these pieces are? 

The sea gives us tranquility and peace. Looking at its vastness, we are reminded of how small we are. It gives us perspective. It also gives us room to dream.  The sea stirs within us so many different kinds of feelings- of hope, of humility, of happiness, of melancholy, of longing and desire......It has great power over us.

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If you are thinking of a tropical vacation we highly recommend the Exumas for a romantic or family vacation.  Being close to the sea can be curative and restorative for the soul. 

What fabulous plans do you have for the summer?

[photos by Jessica Jesse]

Posted on June 26, 2015 .