Words of Wisdom | Patience

Quote on patience

Is patience a lost art? In today's modern day society we are all so used to being instantly gratified that we barely have the need to practice patience.  We no longer have to wait a few days to receive our friends' letters, but rather receive emails (which we must respond within minutes!). We no longer need to take our photographs from the latest trip to get developed at the store but can see them right away in our cameras.

The world is moving fast. Rapidly evolving technology has us overstimulated and is nurturing impatience in us all. This is a very compelling reason why we should take back our practice of focus, contemplation, and patience. We need to focus on increasing our capacity to be more tolerant and accepting of delay, trouble, and suffering- all with maturity and a calm head. Only through the practice of patience will we build the endurance to achieve our goals and dreams. And this is what a genius is- perseverance in the face of adversity. Like they say "try, try again".

How have you practiced patience this week?

Go, be it.



Posted on May 27, 2015 .