Most Wanted || BuDhabeads with our White BuDhaBoy

BuDhaBoy, BuDhaBeads
BuDhaGirl, BuDhaBoy, BuDhaBeads
BuDhaGirl, BuDhaBoy, BuDhaBeads

The BuDhaBoys are so versatile that we can't help but keep pairing them up with different necklaces to change up the look.  Last week we paired the white BuDhaBoy with a choker and now we gave them a whole new look with the white BuDhaBeads. Luxurious hand-knotted BuDhaBead necklaces are made of 108 Burmese semi-precious natural quartzite 13mm beads. BuDhaBead necklaces are finished with a round pavé clear crystal closure clasp allowing you to double, even triple your beads. BuDhaBead necklaces also have a removable pavé lobster claw with a luxurious leather tassel allowing you to wear it with your beads or add it any of our other jewelry.

Buddhist prayer beads otherwise known as malas (Sanskrit for garlands), is a set of beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists. However; more and more, these prayer beads are being adopted by many who practice meditation or other contemplative practices. Traditionally, malas consist of 108 beads and are mainly used to count mantras or prayers.

The material used to make the beads can vary according to the purpose of the mantras used. White is the color for pacifying mantras. Caramel or copper tones are used for attracting magnetic energy with a positive charge. Bone or ochre tones are used for taming or influencing opinions through compassion.

For our Mindful Glamour Ritual- Pause...Mentally give yourself permission to take a two-minute break, stay present in the Now, enjoying your break. Mini mind vacations allow our brain to take a moment to re-calibrate. These moments of calm are vital for deeper thinking.

Go, Be it.

[Photos by Albertina Cisneros]