Living An Inspired Life || Imagination

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We, at BuDhaGirl, created a list that highlights different tips and ideas you can practice daily in order to live a more inspired and beautiful life.  Last month we discussed silence and this month we are exploring the concept of freeing ourselves from judgement and letting our imaginations run wild. Here is our second reflection -

2. Allow your imagination to run free. Let it go and do not judge it.

So many times we constrain ourselves by our own thoughts and judgements and abruptly end the journey of our imaginations even before an idea has taken shape.  We must be kind to ourselves and give ourselves space and time to dwell on an idea, which at first glance, may seem silly or unrealistic.  This is the only way innovation can stay alive.  When we leave room for our imaginations to run wild we grow hopeful, we become creative, we open ourselves up to innovation.

Have you noticed that many people get fantastic ideas in the middle of the night? This is because during our sleep state we are not judging our thoughts and they take on a life of their own because we are unconscious and cannot limit its parameters. Many times these are incoherent dreams but sometimes they are novel and paradigm shifting ideas.

Share with us how you ensure that your creativity and imagination are free to roam without limits.

Go, Be it.


[photo via Domino]