Words of Wisdom || The Secret to Success

Words of wisdom, Budhagirl

Concentrating on a task at hand so deeply that we lose ourselves in it and forget about our surroundings, and about the passage of time is similar to what we achieve during meditation.  This is what it takes to succeed in whatever it is we are trying to achieve. Doing our best is always the goal of our work. And we can achieve this by setting forth our best intentions and goodwill. This will help us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.  Excuses are mischievous devils, which distract us from doing our best, but they evaporate with the application of intention and goodwill.  No task well done is unimportant.  In the end our lives are just a collection of small acts that make-up our magnificent lives. Today, let's all strive to do anything and everything with our best intentions.  It is the satisfaction of our well intended hard-work that equals success because we have done the best we can casting self-doubt aside. 

Go. Be it.


Posted on September 23, 2015 and filed under Mindfulness, Words of Wisdom.