Modern Rituals

Rituals are at the heart of BuDhaGirl. While to many, the word "ritual" implies time-honored practices, even religious rites, rituals can be as simple as committing to daily practices that follow a prescribed order either at home or on the go.

Smart phones function at the center of many modern rituals. One of our favorite smart phone rituals is committing to a daily meditation on the Headspace app. Such an activity helps us pause and recalibrate no matter where we are.

Getting dressed is a ritual that everyone practices daily, sometimes several times a day. Each person has a specific way they go about getting ready for their day, and this is your own unique ritual. From clothing to accessories, dressing is a ritual that asks you to consider your mood, environment and the day you have planned for yourself.

After dressing, jewelry and special touches like fragrance must be considered. To choose these additions, you must practice a ritual of checking in and acknowledging what will best suit you that day. Need a little inspiration? Don't forget that each piece of BuDhaGirl has a unique Mindful Glamour Ritual to guide you.

Reading is another modern ritual that people of all ages enjoy. Whether you choose to read a philosophical text, a riveting novel or a beautiful fashion magazine, reading is a ritual that requires you to clear your mind, savor the moment and emerge refreshed.

What rituals have you practiced today?

Posted on October 5, 2016 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.