The Art of Wrapping

Life is a journey. And, if you think about it, so is the life of a present.

A present is just an object that only comes to life when the intention of the giver provides it with purpose and gives it life. The giver must think about the object and the desire to make someone happy. How does this object fit the receiver? Why does the giver want/need to give this present? Is it something enduring or transient?

Part of a present’s journey is how it is presented. The container, box, bag, envelope, it will be enclosed in and how is that container going to look… that’s where wrapping comes in.

I make wrapping a ritual. I buy and recycle beautiful papers, ribbons, tags, and bows, charms…anything that will make the gift even more special. But what I think is the most important part is that I wrap with presence. I think of the person receiving the gift and I place intentions, blessings, wishes, for that person in all my wrapping activity. I play music, I burn a candle and I like to be alone while I wrap.

You don’t need expensive wrapping supplies…some of my favorite things to use for wrapping are often things I recycle, which include magazines, newspapers and shopping bags. 

The key to wrapping is to be present…no pun intended.

Posted on November 27, 2016 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Jessica Jesse.