BuDhaGirl Reminders

Unknowingly, we sometimes become messengers for something much bigger than ourselves. It is as if the universe chooses a human receptor for what it wants to convey.  And, the universe is never wrong, it just is.

BDG Reminders® came to me in one of those moments of inspiration, a moment where the universe whispered: GIVE.

BuDhaGirl is my tangible solution for that whisper.  This whisper prompted me to ask myself: How could I help people live with a greater awareness? Why is that important? What do I do to really enjoy life? Is there a big secret?

One thing leads to another. My son’s crisis in 2010 made me stop. Stop and reflect as to what is really important, and what is truly relevant. And the more I thought about it, the more a word came up: NOW. Live in the now. But how does that work? And how does that work in these modern times of total distraction?

INTENTION. Intention is that something that makes us do what we want. It is not random.  It comes about from first being aware of what we need. Then it is followed by action.  So, how can I tell people about the importance of setting intentions? I am not a guru or classically trained meditator.

My career has mostly been in fashion…so how do I create something that is beautiful, and fashionably reminds people to be present?

Reminders…that’s what people need. Reminders. Beautiful reminders that take people back to that first moment of intention. Reminders that have a meaning which prompts reflection and action. Non-technology driven Reminders. Reminders that have been symbols created since antiquity, that are part of our collective subconscious. That’s what we need.

Hence, BDG Reminders®. Little tablets that guide you to take a moment and set your intention for the day. Maybe send a prayer of love and health to someone. Science confirms that taking a moment of total presence to form an intention (nowadays known as mindfulness) helps you carry that intention throughout your day. Intentions followed by action become reality.

BDG Reminders® were the inspiration for our Mindful Glamour™ Ritual:

PAUSE. BE AWARE (set your intention). THEN…GO. BE IT.

Posted on June 27, 2016 and filed under Inspiration, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Style.