An Evening of Mindful Glamour

Last night, we hosted the women of Circle Seven Five in our showroom for an Evening of Mindful Glamour. Circle Seven Five is a Dallas-based social, professional and philanthropic network of women that focuses on forming genuine connections that build community.  

In true Jessica fashion, fine champagne was poured in tapered stemware and fresh sushi was served on a long, silver platter. Once all of the guests had arrived, Jessica spoke to the Circle Seven Five members about her experience as a model and a high fashion buyer, and then discussed how and why she founded BuDhaGirl. Jessica explained the science of mindfulness and the importance of setting intentions in life and in the workplace, which resonated deeply with the group of professional women.

As for Jessica's ultimate professional advice? Love what you do. If you find yourself in a job you aren't passionate about, change it! When you are engaged and enjoy your job, you automatically do it well. Another pearl of wisdom from Jessica is to avoid multitasking. When you're focused on one thing at a time, you're appreciating the moment and performing each task thoroughly and thoughtfully. 

How do you stay mindful in the workplace?