Gear Up with Mindfulness Gadgets

From headbands that track brain waves to waistband clips that analyze breath, the following gadgets bridge the gap between technology and mindfulness. Whether you're looking for meaningful meditations or stress management, these innovative designs harness the power of electronics for positive personal development. 


Muse is a highly rated, brain-sensing headband. Resting across your forehead and over your ears, Muse tracks 5 different kinds of brain waves from sleep waves to intense thinking waves using 7 calibrated sensors. Muse uses audio feedback to guide you into a calm state - and keep you there. As you use it, you'll find that if your mind strays from the optimal state, the sounds of ocean waves, rainfall, new-age music (whichever you may choose), become more turbulent to remind you to come back to a meditative state. When you maintain this state for more than a few seconds, you're rewarded with the sound of chirping birds. In order to progress in your meditation practice, Muse tracks the total amount of time you were "musing" and how long you were able to maintain your meditative state per session.


Spire believes that health goes beyond step tracking. Spire is a small, stone-shaped sensor that attaches to your clothing to record your activity and mindfulness levels throughout the day. The Spire device, along with the accompanying smartphone app, can measure the pace of your breath and give valuable insight into sources of stress and when and where you lose focus. After analyzing the quickness or slowness of your breath, Spire can alert you when you are tense and need to recalibrate. These immediate alerts help you recognize triggers of stress, and remind you to stay focused and mindful of yourself and your breath throughout the day.


Pip teaches you how to mindfully manage stress to lead a healthier, happier, calmer life. Using the power of biofeedback, Pip detects variations in your electrodermal activity. In other words, this small device analyzes the highly sensitive pores on your fingertips to recognize changing levels of stress. Pip translates this information to the companion smartphone app, allowing you to externalize your stress with audio and visual feedback. After completing a Pip session, the device invites you to compare and review your data so you can make meaningful progress towards eradicating stress in your life. 

Which of these mindfulness gadgets would you take for a spin?

Posted on July 27, 2016 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Around the Web.