Fall Fashion Tips

There are many reasons to love fall. Along with changing colors in the trees, and cozy nights at home comes the best style of the year. We trade lightweight fabrics for fabulous layers, soft colors for rich jewel tones, and subtle jewelry for bold statement makers. In honor of next week's New York Fashion Week, Jessica is revealing her 7 top tips for ultimate style during fall 2016.

The look that's in: Black turtlenecks with black pants - it's classic. Very Audrey Hepburn.

The look that's out: Enough with blue jeans already. Forget ripped jeans. Ick! 

Cool colors: Cranberry, crimson, coromandel.

"It" Bag: A ladylike handbag with clean lines and a structured shape always completes a well-composed fall ensemble.

Stylish shoes: Ballerina flats are a fall essential. They're easy to get around in and you can wear them in a wide variety of occasions. 

Stay warm with: Cardigans. Whether it's simple or a statement-maker, you can't go wrong with this additional layer. 

Makeup must-have: Eyeliner. Try a retro wing with a liquid liner for a dramatic look that complements everyone.

Posted on August 31, 2016 and filed under Jessica Jesse, Style, Fashion + Style, Fashion.