The Importance of Curiosity

I have always admired curiosity and people who are curious, actually I even admire animals that are curious. I find it charming. 

As in everything in life, curiosity, when out of control is not so hot. But having that spark for wanting to know and experiencing different things first-hand, is what I believe makes us grow.

I am not sure if Google has served to the benefit or detriment in the development of curiosity. The instant gratification of knowing everything and proving someone else wrong (or right), comes at a high price because we have forgone the journey in obtaining our answer.

Curiosity comes in different forms: Physical curiosity, because we are physical beings and fortunately or unfortunately this kind of curiosity is heavily dictated by development (age). Intellectual curiosity, again somewhat ruled by age, however this type of curiosity is very personal…what do YOU want to know? And of course, Spiritual curiosity, who or what is out there? Bigger and greater than us? How can we reach him/it? This last kind is the greatest journey of curiosity.

I feel a certain lack of curiosity in both Millennials and the Gen Z generations. There is a certain haze in their eyes; it is as if they have already seen everything and nothing seems to amuse or surprise them (except YouTube videos of people in embarrassing situations, or cats). Maybe parents were too protective and enabling…maybe?

Curiosity needs to be encouraged, and fostered so next generations can invent, create, inspire, overcome, worship, and simply be more charming.

What are you curious about today?