BuDhaBlog 2017

BDG Reminders : Be It, What Can I Do?, True Beauty, Wealth Buddha

BDG Reminders: Be It, What Can I Do?, True Beauty, Wealth Buddha

Mantra #1: If 2016 proved to be good, 2017 will be great. 

I want to first thank all of you who at times have reached out to me and said you liked my BuDhaBlog. I write each post with intention, with a sense of humor, and with the hope that it can spark an idea in someone and make a difference.

My inspiration for 2017 contains four central themes that resonate deeply in my daily life. They are Wealth, What can I do?, True Beauty, and Being. All simple words really, yet all indescribably deep in content.

I will try to walk through these four themes with a BuDhaGirl perspective, always with curiosity, with a standard for being better, and with a voice that is caring, compassionate, mindful, and which represents our values.

Please join me, and the BuDhaGirl team on our 2017 journey. Let us hear from you, share your point of view if what you read has inspired and caused you to stop and reflect for a moment. We want to create a dialogue that brings about wellness through engagement, authentic communication from us to you.

May 2017 bring you health, joy, peace, laughter, success, so that you can BE IT.




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