Being It


Another year nearly over and thinking back over 2017, I must confess that it was a year where I really focused on being present. I loved it.

Ever since creating BuDhaGirl, I have been talking about the importance of being present and about enjoying the little things in our daily life. Talking about it with my family, my team at work, my peers and friends is a constant reminder for me to practice what I preach.


I often wonder if people are listening to my message on the importance of being…or am I just one more piece of background noise? Although being present sounds like a good idea, it seems so intangible in our modern world that does everything to distract us from the moment.

How can I make people understand that now, this very moment is real? That the past is no longer and the future has not arrived, that what we do NOW matters. Finding joy in the ordinary. Carefully observing and coming to the understanding that the ordinary is anything but, that with presence, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


And, my friends… I ask you who doesn’t want to live an extraordinary life?

In the last month of the year, decide to BE IT. Live in the moment. Enjoy everything. Don’t let this be a holiday season that is just another turn of the calendar. Rock your world.



Posted on November 27, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.