BDG Team Holiday Rituals

What are your holiday rituals?


Jessica: Candles. I love when we kick into daylight savings because I begin to light candles to make the evening glow. The day after Thanksgiving I decorate my house, I now have 100 trees, everything from teeny tiny to a seven-foot-tall Douglas Fir. On New Years I throw a party. New Years Eve, me and my closest friends write wishes and hang them on my Manzanita wood tree.


Caryn: Our favorite ritual at is to pick out a fresh Christmas tree and decorate it with our favorite ornaments. The house is filled with a wonderful pine aroma and glows with bright twinkle lights.  


Irma: For the holidays, I like to spend time with family and friends. We stay up till 12:00am on Christmas Eve and open presents. For New Years we stay up till 12:00am as well and thank God for giving us a whole new year. 


Bianca: My ritual is decorating the house with Christmas decorations with my family. For New Years, my favorite ritual is when all my family gathers around the table while holding hands and together we thank God for an amazing year and to bless the year ahead.


Cathy: When the holidays roll around, I like to break out my holiday themed vintage linens and play Christmas music. It definitely sets the mood. Another ritual is pulling out my fun collection of ugly Christmas sweaters and wearing red lipstick every day starting on December 1. 

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Twyla: One of my favorite holiday rituals that I put into action only last year is making a Christmas card to send to all of my friends and family. Not only do my dogs enjoy having their photo taken, but it gives me a chance to reconnect with people I haven't spoken to in a few months. Plus, who doesn't like getting something other than bills in the mail?


Elizabeth: My ritual is drinking cinnamon apple tea every night of December.

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