Introducing March's Theme: Financial Wealth

Financial wealth seems to be that taboo subject no one really wants to talk about. It is like talking
about poor Aunt Tillie’s condition in polite company… it just isn’t done. However finances are intrinsically woven into our daily lives whether we want them to be or not, and having clarity on how they impact our lives and that of others is very relevant to our reality.

I still haven’t met a person in my life that does not want comfort, for themselves and for their family. They might not want to be King Midas but they do want food, shelter, education, a bit of travel and a little celebration now and then. The reality is that most of these things in the world of today cost money.

Fundamentally I think we approach the subject of money and money itself in an unhealthy manner. We teach our children all sorts of things, but few if any of us, teach our children about money. Yes, we teach them to save, or give them money for chores, or make them buy with the money they have earned things they want. I don’t think this is enough. We need to explain to them historically what money has done, what it has done well, and the evil it has caused.

We also need to tell them to never measure a person’s worth by the amount of money they have. That is not worth. Society, especially Western society measures worth by the belief that a person who has achieved financial success and can accumulate material possessions must be good. Wrong.

So in this month of March we will be journeying into questions about financial wealth and seeing how important all those shekels really are.

Hugs, Jessica

Posted on February 27, 2017 and filed under Lifestyle, Mindfulness.