The Importance of Giving Back

This month on the BuDhaBlog, we've delved into the topic of financial wealth. From setting financial goals to maintaining a healthy relationship with money, financial wealth is a complicated and deeply personal topic for everyone. We've found that the complexity of financial wealth is by no means a modern development either. From Aristotle to Voltaire, philosophers have waxed poetic about the trivialities and gravity of money, and the deeper meaning of wealth for centuries.

Today also marks the end of a three-month-long run of a larger theme: wealth. Over the last few months, we've explored the ways in which health, wisdom and finances can make you "wealthy." While each of these pillars are wealth in a very different form, they share a number of things in common.

One of the most poignant ways in which health wealth, wisdom wealth and financial wealth are similar is that any kind of wealth provides you with enough so that you are able give back. If you are healthy, take care of the sick. If you are wise, share your knowledge. If you are financially secure, give to those less fortunate. 

Find a moment today to take stock of your wealth in physical, spiritual, mental and emotional forms. Ask yourself how you can increase your wealth, and more importantly, ask yourself how you can share that wealth with others.


Posted on March 31, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.