The Importance of Setting Financial Goals

Look beyond the bank statement to what truly motivates you.

Look beyond the bank statement to what truly motivates you.

When discussing matters of money, one of the first things that comes to mind is simple... what's it all worth? We make money, we spend it on daily essentials, and sometimes we feel that in no time at all, we are right back where we started. To break out of this financial cycle it's important to not only save religiously, but to set meaningful financial goals that you can achieve.

Financial goals are about assessing the present and planning for the future. Since each individual has unique experiences and desires in life, their financial goals will all look a little different. To some, a financial goal means having a certain amount of money in savings. To others, it might mean having zero credit card debt. Goals related specifically to money and financial health offer a sense of security and even flexibility, so you can handle whatever life may throw your way.

That being said, sometimes it can be useful to goal ourselves beyond the bank statement. Motivate yourself by setting your sights on something you love, something aspirational that fills a desire: a vacation, new furniture, or a beautiful piece of jewelry. Working towards this one, central thing for weeks, months, even years, helps you to stay focused on your goal and forgo small, unnecessary expenditures. With a clear financial vision and a commitment to intention setting, you just might find that you're achieving and surpassing your financial goals faster and with more joy than ever before.


Posted on March 3, 2017 and filed under Inspiration, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Words of Wisdom.