Things Guaranteed to Impact Your Life

BIRTH: Pretty obvious whether you are being born or giving birth

BATHROOMS: At an early age can even form our world view, and for some of us baths are places of survival and of unplugging.

MARRIAGE: What can I say? An institution that requires the patience of a saint.

BATHROOMS: Very important…especially when married. Go for His n’ Hers.

CHILDREN: Oh joy!!! The fact of the matter is they teach us. And you’ll never sleep the same as you did before having children.

BATHROOMS: When flying make sure you eye who has used the facility before you and weigh your options.

SICKNESS: Unavoidable, but how we approach illness makes all the difference to the outcome.

BATHROOMS: Sanctuaries for healing.

DEATH: Unavoidable. A transition from what we know (or think to know) to a new existence that we don't.