Sleeping Beauty


Today more than ever, science is proving that sleep is critical to our health, and if good health equates to beauty… then we should demand our beauty sleep.

Sleep allows our body and mind to recover. When I listen to people telling me that they get by with five hours or less of sleep a night, I begin to focus on their behavior and speech. Nine times out of ten they are hyper, scattered, unfocused and screaming out for someone to help them flip the switch to off. Their skin is normally not good, their eating scattered, and they are unable to be really present.

Technology exacerbates brain activity, so the constant onslaught to our attention by technology, especially towards bedtime is bad, really bad. Certain foods, big dinners, caffeine, and other substances also contribute to unhealthy sleep patterns.

Unfortunately sleep is something I struggle with. I wake up ready to go in the morning, so happy to get up and get going. I am go, go, go, until about 6PM… then I begin to slow down. At about 10:30 I am out. Problem is I am not out all night. I wake up and begin to want to go, go, go. Not good. I have tried many things, but what seems to work for me now is a natural supplement called Power Off.

Ritual is also key to a good night’s rest. Meditation such as a gratefulness mantra before bed is wonderful. Keeping your room cold, dark, and with good airflow is also vitally important. I have discovered diffusers with lavender or chamomile to be a lovely ritual at bedtime.

Remember, you, more than anyone, deserve a good night's rest. Sleep well my beauties.

Posted on September 1, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.