Beauty: Radiating from Inside Out

Today marks the final blog in our series on beauty. These were our 8 favorite discoveries - what were yours?


1. Meditate Everyday: Allow yourself the time to relax, to calm the body, to calm the brain, to be mindful and to focus on your daily intentions. Need a quick, guided meditation?

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2. Through decluttering, simplifying and beautifying your home, you are practicing intention - you are choosing to rule your things rather than have your things rule you, and what's more liberating than that?

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3. As the summer comes to a close and your time in the sun fades, be mindful of your Vitamin D intake. Firstly, fill your plate with Vitamin D producing foods to keep your bones strong and your spirits high. Some of our favorite Vitamin D foods include wild caught fish, shiitake mushrooms, egg yolks and orange juice. Secondly - even though it's brisk - challenge yourself to get outside each and every day to get some fresh air and absorb the Sunshine Vitamin.

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4. Nothing beats a simple rose water mist for a beautiful complexion.

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5. Health is all about balance. To maintain good health, it's essential to throw in a few vices here and there!

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6. Common sense goes a long way in nutrition. When was the last time you stopped to really think, I mean really analyze what you do eat? Not what you should eat, but what you do eat? Then, with kindness towards yourself, analyze what you see? Should you make a change?

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7. Ritual is key to a good night’s rest. Meditation such as a gratefulness mantra before bed is wonderful. Keeping your room cold, dark, and with good airflow is also vitally important. I have discovered diffusers with lavender or chamomile to be a lovely ritual at bedtime.

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8. Health and beauty can be arrived at by simply listening to our bodies, calming our minds, and allowing our intuition to gently guide us towards the very core of our human and physical nature.

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