The Anti-Black Friday

Give the Gift of All Weather Bangles

Thanksgiving and Black Friday - so close together, yet so diametrically opposed.

Next week, people across the country will be diving into the wild waves of holiday shopping. Before grandma has even had the chance to finish her slice of pumpkin pie, the gates of the mall are open, and we are onto the next. Is this part of the modern holiday experience, or is it a sign that we have completely turned our backs to the true meaning of the holidays?

What if instead of hitting the mall at midnight, we took this extra day off to reflect on the intangible gifts of yesterday's feast while the experience is still fresh in our minds? What did you give? What did you receive? How did being with family and friends, taking time to relax, and sitting down for a proper meal feed you in a way that store-bought gifts simply can't? Would we be more present at Thanksgiving dinner if we weren’t planning our method of attack at the shopping mall? I think so.

At BuDhaGirl, we celebrate the holidays with our tribe by doing a little thing we like to call Mindful Monday. For those who haven’t yet experienced it, Mindful Monday is a once-a-year “thank you!” discount to you, our tribe. It’s an online shopping event that reflects the fun, celebratory mood of the holidays without invading your mental space with the hectic frenzy of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Mindful Monday is the perfect time to replenish your stack of AWB, or to buy sets for all the women in your life that you think should join the tribe. Mindful Monday is coming up this Monday, November 19 - so be sure to mark your calendar, and to keep an eye on your email inbox for your one day only, exclusive shopping code!

Posted on November 16, 2018 and filed under Around the Web, Mindfulness.