2019 Resolutions

Jessica: Patience, my little grasshopper. Patience.

Chloe: In 2019, I want to learn Spanish. Building a strong vocabulary is the first step!

Caryn: My resolution is to take more time for myself. I’d like to travel more with my family and create memories rather than give gifts.

Irma: In 2019, I have many resolutions, but my top one is to be more active. Whether I go to the gym or just take a walk around the block, being active is essential to feeling good!

Bianca: I want to learn to cook this year. I recently got married, and received the perennial favorite, “The Joy of Cooking,” so I’m more inspired than ever to tackle this personal challenge!

Ginger: I’m going to do more yoga in 2019! I love the way I feel after my yoga classes and it helps me to lead a more mindful existence.

Twyla: Don’t procrastinate! I know I’m guilty of procrastinating because the job always gets done, but in the process of delaying, it ends up creating unnecessary stress in my life.

Brittany: This year, I’m going to commit to some sort of daily exercise routine. For me the hardest part is establishing the habit, so hopefully after January, the most challenging aspect will be over!

Diana: My new year’s resolution is to not overthink things. Overthinking can effect everything, decisions both small and large, and usually it just complicates the situation. Choosing to go with my instinct will not only save time, it will become a ritual of trusting myself.

Happy new year, BuDhaGirls! We want to hear your 2019 resolutions, too. Write them down in the comments below to take your first step towards accomplishing them.

Posted on December 28, 2018 and filed under Inspiration, Lifestyle, Mindfulness.