The Good Old Times

“The ‘good old times’ - all times when old are good.” - Lord Byron

When you think of “the good old times,” what comes to mind? What classifies it as good? Were there certain people around? Was it when you were a certain age? In these “good old time” moments, were you aware that you were making memories that would last? Making memories that you would one day look back on with nostalgia and longing?

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Sometimes it strikes when we least expect it. Maybe the times we now look back at longingly were not so wonderful as they were happening. Curious, right?

So what’s the anecdote to that sometimes painful nostalgia for the good old times? Simple. Live in the moment. Even when things are not going as you want them to or expect them to, remind yourself that this too shall pass. Everything is a season. That tiny apartment, that last holiday with grandparents, that tough breakup, that new puppy - one day it will all become a memory.

As time passes, life becomes increasingly complex and layered. Lucky for us, the hard memories soften in time and the silver lining of the past becomes the most memorable. You’ll come to look back on these days with reverence and appreciation. This respect for what has passed turns mundane moments of your personal history into the golden good old times.

Posted on December 5, 2018 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Lifestyle, Inspiration.