Featured Store: Smith's Jewelers

Halfway between Atlanta and Savannah, you'll find Dublin, Georgia - home of Smith's Jewelers. Founded in 1911, Smith's Jewelers is a beautifully curated store filled with fine china, jewelry, and charming gifts. Today we're talking with store owner Natalie Curry about her store, trends for summer, and the importance of mindfulness in a hectic world.

Smith's Jewelers: 130 West Jackson Street, Dublin, Georgia 31021.

Smith's Jewelers: 130 West Jackson Street, Dublin, Georgia 31021.

BuDhaGirl: Tell us about Smith's Jewelers!

Smith's Jewelers: Over 100 years ago, in September of 1911, William Smith, a jeweler opened his store in Downtown Dublin, Georgia. Smith’s moved to several locations throughout Downtown Dublin in its early years, taking its permanent home in August of 1930 at 130 West Jackson Street. Being the sixth owner, I took ownership in early 2015. With an appreciation for small Southern town preservation, I began a major transformation of the space and opened its doors in the newly renovated original location August of 2015, exactly 85 years after the first grand opening. As the oldest family owned jewelry store in town, Smith’s offers customers fabulous fine jewelry and gifts for every occasion. The perfect gift is all about perfecting the details and we’re dedicated to getting the small things just right. Whether it's around your table or a beautifully wrapped package, at Smith's, we take pride in being part of your celebrations so that your gift-giving experience is ‘enthusiastically received’ every time.

Natalie Curry of Smith's Jewelers

Natalie Curry of Smith's Jewelers

BDG: Why does BuDhaGirl speak to your clientele?

SJ: At Smith’s we are rooted in tradition, but love seeing our customers create their own unique style with a modern spin. The fact that each All Weather Bangle is waterproof, weightless, soundless, and TSA proof makes them perfect for everyday life. We love that you can wear them from the gym to a night out. In addition to the practicality of the bracelets, they serve as a constant reminder to make each moment intentional. Life is so very fragile, we must live life to the fullest. Setting your intentions each morning and filling your thoughts with gratefulness at the end of the day leads to positive energy. People in our community love the design because it adds a bit of flair to your arm party, but also serves as a reminder to make each moment count.

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BDG: What fashion and accessory trends are you noticing for spring and summer?

SJ: We are seeing a lot of people curate their style through “arm parties,” which always includes a mix of BuDhaGirl. Mixing bangles with turquoise, whites and corals creates a fresh summer look. Gold continues to be very popular in all aspects; jewelry, tabletop and giftware. We love this because it compliments our branding perfectly!

BDG: What’s your favorite BuDhaGirl item? Why?

SJ: We love the All Weather Bangles in all colors. Of course we love the new Rose Gold, but my favorite are the Serenity Prayer Gold All Weather Bracelets. My grandfather had the Serenity Prayer hanging in his home and then in his assisted living room until the day he died. For me, it serves as a constant reminder that no matter where my day takes me, things will be okay.

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BDG: Why is mindfulness, ritual and intention important to you? How do you practice these things daily?

SJ: Life is crazy and today most people are constantly on the go, not taking time for themselves. As a small business owner, I too am busy and usually have a full schedule each day. I find that when I start my day with quiet time, circling issues in prayer and setting my intentions for the day, things tend to go a lot smoother. I can accept whatever comes my way with a more pleasant attitude.  I’m striving for what I call “Contagious Calm.” While I don’t always succeed, when I start my day focused, I have a better success rate!

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Smith's Jewelers

130 West Jackson Street

Dublin, Georgia 31021


Store Phone: (478) 272-5112

Instagram: @smithsofdublin