2018: The Halfway Point


It's hard to believe, but 2018 is already half-way complete. As of today, there are only 173 days left until the new year. Tempus fugit. However, while time seems to be escaping us all, we must remind ourselves that the most productive thing we can do is not to think about what we didn't do or have yet to do, but is to live in the present. 

This 2018 halfway point is the perfect time to re-examine your resolutions and goals. Look back at your 2018 to-do list. What have you achieved? What are you still working on? What resolutions completely fell by the wayside? Do you want to continue to work on the resolutions you made in January, or do revisions need to be done? How can you make yourself proud tomorrow, next month, and at the end of the year?

Scroll down to see the resolutions we set at the end of December. Some resolutions (set intentions, journal daily, meditate, eat colorfully) are ongoing, while others have yet to be complete (travel somewhere new, cellphone detox). In fact, there's a resolution we're adding, too: forgo all plastic straws.

 If you've struggled with keeping your 2018 resolutions, we'd suggest making your resolutions as visible as possible. Hang them up on your fridge, tape them on your desk - wherever you'll be reminded of them each and every day.


Set intentions: Put those All Weather Bangles to use and set intentions daily. This practice will help you stay present, mindful and grateful. 

Journal daily: Take time out of your morning, afternoon or evening to write down unresolved thoughts, ideas in the works, or reasons why you are grateful. 

Eat colorfully: Everyone's plate can always use a little more color!

Drink more water: Carry a reusable water bottle around with you to make sure you're staying hydrated.

Cell phone detox: Even if you can't completely abandon your phone, you can do mini detoxes. Try a weekend without your smart phone or 24 hours without social media, and always turn off electronics an hour before bed.

Walk outside: Walking just 10 minutes outside every day can make a world of difference.

Travel somewhere new: What's the next destination on your list?

Take the stairs: Elevator... escalator... take the stairs - if you can!

Meditate daily: Even a quick 2-minute meditation focusing on your breath is a rejuvenating break that you can take right at your desk.

Stretch while watching TV: Get the most of your sedentary time by doing a little multitasking.

Prioritize sleep: When in doubt, choose sleep.