Have To vs. Get To


Experience is a wonderful thing.

Only through experience can you truly comprehend the notion of have to vs get to.

The list of countless tasks we perform daily grows exponentially as we mature. As children, learning the basics of becoming a respectful, sustainable adult takes up our days. Once we achieve adulthood, our list of to-do's continues to grow with higher education, relationships, career, children, and achievement.


At some point, things that we took for granted begin to shift…eyesight, ability to perform certain sports, ease of losing weight, memory, learning new things, and with this comes the realization that we now value the premise of getting to vs having to.

I wonder what would happen if there was a shift in teaching the value of getting to vs. having to earlier… perhaps in childhood? I wonder if we would create a more joyous generation? Less entitled? More compassionate? More aware? And above all that learns to live in the present. Getting to enjoy the now.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 6.31.59 PM.png

What do you get to do today?