Enduring the Journey

When one discovers the why in things, if one is wise, he/she will use this discovery to navigate through life with purpose and joy. It is easier said than done, to understand the why in life, but these steps normally need to take place: 

1.     You need to understand that sometimes why is just because the universe has plans that might be just: the why.

2.     You have no control of the millions if not billions of actions that lead to something happening to you…like being born.

3.     Never blame. Release that it happened to you because of…

4.     You only ever have control over your own thoughts and actions. Nothing else.

5.     Values are the tools that teach us to ask why.

Once you understand these five steps you can begin to “endure” the how.  How is the action. Your action, your reaction, your response to events happening to you, your ability to clearly understand your circumstance.

Accepting the why leads to diving deep into who we are and figuring out how to move through the how. Many times, the how is simply patience, it’s about waiting a moment to observe before you overreact. At times the how is heart wrenching, it asks us to become stronger, tolerant, kind, fragile, vulnerable and this is very, very scary. The light that leads us out of those times is the why.

I often take a moment to ask myself: Why am I even doing this? And quietly, if I am truly honest and my heart is open, the how becomes self-evident.