Taking the Stairs and Other Moving Rituals

A ritual is a ceremony. There’s a prescribed order in a ritual - it must be done a certain way. But are rituals purely religious? Must they be done in a set place of worship? Does a group of people have to share the same ritual in order for it to be powerful? Here at BuDhaGirl, we believe that rituals can come in all shapes and forms. Something small and personal, such as making coffee, can become a sacred ritual with time and consistent practice.

So how does something mundane become sacred? It’s all about creating the right mindset and being present as you perform said ritual. Some of our most sacred daily rituals include…

Getting Dressed - Selecting an outfit and adding All Weather Bangles is the perfect time to set intentions for the day.

Walking the Dog - Take in the fresh air and go where the walk takes you. No expectations. No place to be. Live in the now.

Driving the Car - Getting into the car, starting the car, driving the car… all points along the way are reminders for you to express gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given in life - the car is just one of them.

Taking the Stairs - When you take the stairs, you carve out a space in your day for self-reflection. With these few extra moments alone, you can take the time to center yourself.

Cooking Dinner - At the end of the day, cooking dinner is a ritual that ignites the senses and asks you to live in the present. Put the phone down and devote yourself to cooking, a ritual where you’re giving back to your own body and those you love.

What are the simple rituals you perform each day?