Luxury Appreciation

Okay so you go out and buy a Louis Vuitton handbag for over $2000USD…how do you know it is worth the money you paid for it? Please don’t tell me because you saw it on Instagram…please…or that “so and so” was wearing it…please.

Appreciating luxury is about education. Educating yourself as to why you have just decided to spend for a handbag what a family of four lives on for a full year in sub-Saharan Africa. Luxury has. and for the foreseeable future, will have fairly limited distribution. It takes a great deal of time, effort, management to maintain standards, creativity, and perseverance to create a luxury item or environment. People devote their lives to bringing luxury to the world, and their defense, they are not vain or frivolous.

It is my belief that if we have the privilege and luck to be able to choose things and places of luxury it is our responsibility to know why things are good. Why did they come to be? I find that it usually begins with someone’s passion or dream and that passion or dream became a reality through persistence and hard work. And if this luxury has existed for quite some time, it has taken stewards of the original dream to keep it alive.

Part of really enjoying luxury is curiosity…find out the why and how and you will experience luxury at its fullest.