First Comes The Rain

First comes the rain

Rainbows are all about perspective. It depends where you’re standing, and if your point of view is just right, it seems to magically appear. A rainbow is not only the perfect intersection of light and water, it’s a metaphor; a metaphor for that moment in which you can finally appreciate the past and what you’ve been through.

As we all know, a rainbow only appears after the rains and before the skies are completely clear. The darkness begins to subside, the light pierces through, and the rainbow appears. The rainbow becomes a symbol of hope, a sign to keep enduring because you’ve almost made it through. But what makes a rainbow so beautiful? Is it the incredible spread of color, or is it the timing? Would we even notice a rainbow on a completely bright and sunny day? Doubtful.

So when you’re going through a rainy season in life, remember Dolly Parton’s apt quote, “If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.” A rainy season can be beautiful if we let it, we just have to have the right perspective. And… if we wait it out… and we’re in the right place (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) we will each be able to marvel at our own rainbow, and appreciate all that we’ve been through to get there.

What metaphorical rainbows have you experienced in your life? Has seeing one given you the hope that you’ll see others? Comment below to tell us your story, BuDhaGirl!