What is Usefulness?


How do you define usefulness? What items, activities, events could be categorized as “useful” in your life?

A conversation on usefulness is often tied to a conversation on efficiency. Many of us are concerned with being efficient at home, at work, in the car, in life. In an effort to save time, we tend to choose what is useful to us. When something is useful, it helps us get where we want to go - and faster.

In our everyday lives, there are a number of things that we deem useful. From the washing machine to a notebook, a useful item exists without frills and has an undeniable, utilitarian quality. This item creates ease instead of fuss. A pair of flats - useful - a pair of heels - not so much. Like a useful item, a useful activity is also practical. It can teach us something, introduce us to someone beneficial, and help keep our lives neat and streamlined.

So what is the opposite of useful? We’d say that the equal and opposite force of usefulness is ornament. Ornamental items are a funny thing - they aren’t necessarily “useful” in a traditional way, but they certainly have their own uses. Ornament is useful in that it inspires and imbues a person or space with beauty. A expressive, vibrant, magnetizing work of art hanging on the wall might not “do” what a dishwasher can, but it has a profound way of affecting our soul in a way that something “useful” can’t.

And now the big question… where does jewelry fall in this conundrum? Is it useful, or is it ornamental?

We believe that All Weather Bangles are the perfect combination of the useful and ornamental. AWB are beautiful, yes, but they also do something, too. In fact, each of us actively tests the usefulness of All Weather Bangles every day. We use them to set intentions. We use them as reminders. We use them to engage with others.

We want to hear from you, BuDhaGirl. What is useful in your life? What makes it so? Are the useful things in life the ones you treasure most? Would you consider anything in your life both useful and ornamental?