Do-Over Button

Don’t you wish at times you could push a re-set button, un-ring the bell if you will?

Even as children start to develop empathy and a sense of how society works, when we something “bad” or against those we love or break the rules (if we fall in the normal behavior scale), we very much wish we could take our actions or words back.

Things wouldn’t be so bad if not for our little friend the ego. This intangible gremlin prevents us so many times from just coming clean. Saying we are sorry. Asking for a second chance…not allowing us to push the re-set button.

I believe that many times we would receive second chances, but we are to proud or scared to ask for them. And honestly, if the person or circumstance doesn’t want to give you the opportunity to make a wrong thing right, or simply try again…chances are you don’t want them/it in your life. We are all only human.

Push the button.