The Ingredients Of Happiness

Ingredients of Happiness

Most of you know that I love to cook. I almost cook every night and I look forward to doing so, for me it is not a chore or a must, it is an act of discovery and joy.

So, in thinking about happiness I began to look at it as I would in creating a wonderful dinner…what are the ingredients for my recipe to be happy?

Here’s my recipe:

Begin with:


Lots of Good Health

Tons of Faith

(pretty) Perfect Timing

Vast Sense of Humor

Great Discipline

Much Love

Then add:


Pinch of Kindness

Dash of Compassion

LOTS of Curiosity

Smidge of Don’t Mess with Me

Scat of Vanity

Wee bit of Sacrifice

Mix all the ingredients together and add a binder ingredient:

PATIENCE, this depends on the day…but you should always have it in your pantry. TRUST ME.

Then my friends, it’s like making meringues: you need LUCK.

Oh…and by the way, a little bit of dough can’t hurt.

Happy Cooking…