The Rabbit Hole

When you were little did you play at being someone else? Like your favorite super-hero, a princess, or a cowgirl? You had fun, right? And, at the end of playtime you went back to being who you were. You played at being someone else knowing that you would come back to you. We were all beyond our years…what happened?

Today, playing continual make-believe with social media is possible. It seems so many people are being (unfortunately not playing) someone they are not. The line between aspiring to be someone in reality has become a full-on made-up creation of someone they are not…and after a while, this gets to be too much.

And we ask…why do people feel disconnected, how can they not, if they are not even true to themselves? People are going about exhausted trying to be fit, beautiful, successful, wealthy, spiritually content, politically correct…in other words perfect.

Can we stop going down that rabbit hole of perfection? I say yes. And the first step is to stop.

Stop the busyness. Stop the calls, Instagram, texts, gyms, places to see and be seen…just stop. Be with yourself, hop out of the rabbit hole and bask in the light of the wonderful, simple soul that you are and share that wonderful self with others.