“BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL.” Vivienne Westwood

Sometimes themes manifest themselves as a “movement of sorts” in people’s psyche. This new awareness more often than not, causes change because the psyche then decides to make these changes tangible: movements.

In this particular case I am talking about our values for/of consumption. Honestly, I think the pendulum has been swinging too much in the wrong direction for too long…and it has maxed out. (Please Lord, may it have maxed out.)

We can no longer consume without consciousness. Consuming takes on many forms; environmental and informational are easy to see and to see their effects…but what about self-consumption? Are we really here to take, take, take and when we are no longer here…we take nothing? Scary.

Look, I am the first to say that living well is an art and that “we,” the collective “we” need to learn how to live in wellness. This wellness is learning to satiate our taste for consumption. Think of consumption as a muscle, give it a break already…why not develop another muscle like that of learning, helping, being, mastering something you are passionate about instead of master-carding?

My point is simple. Take a moment to see what you need. Then take a moment to ask yourself do you need more. Then…let your values, your core, tell you what is right. Only our values will be able to make that pendulum swing back to the middle, because folks, you don’t want to see the pendulum swing the other way: scarcity.