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A Love Triangle

We have all heard of a love triangle...

BuDhaGirl has "museumed" three of our love Reminders. We have take individual Reminders in their miniature case and made a limited edition Valentine's collection housed in a fabulous acrylic museum case. The museum case opens so you may retrieve each Reminder should you choose to wear it on your BuDhaGirl Reminder™ Frame or Core Cuff or Core Pendant

The presentation shown below is wonderful placed on your desk, vanity, night table...really anywhere you want to be reminded of the power of love.

BTW...this gift is wonderful for BuDhaGuys too.

The BuDhaGirl Reminder™ Valentine's Trio contains:

Buddha Rouge - the Reminder of Focus

The Pink Rose -  the Reminder of Beauty

The Heart - the Reminder of love

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." R. Frost



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Trending NOW | Crochet

Crochet items are trending at the moment.  Everywhere we turn we spy beautiful crochet  pieces of differing styles and price points and we at BuDhaGirl could not be happier.  Not only is this trend fresh and cool for Spring and Summer but it is also in keeping with our mindful glamor philosophy.

How is that you wonder?  Well, being mindful means you are being aware of the present and are living in that specific moment. Crochet is a fun and relaxing task that helps you achieve this state of mindfulness because it requires focus and attention. When you crochet you are counting stitches and you become fully absorbed in the act itself which leads to clearing of the head and thus leads to mindfulness. Now that you know this, don't you see crochet pieces in a whole new light?  Don't they seem so much more alluring?  We think so and always have!   This is why we have some beautiful crochet pieces in our collection which we will be highlighting throughout the month.  We, at BuDhaGirl, like to be fashionable but always in a meaningful way and wearing crochet is the perfect way to do both.

Which piece is your favorite?  That off-the-shoulder white dress is sure winking our eye at us.  Imagine it accessorized with layered BuDhaGirl crochet necklaces like this and this!  Perfectly, mindfully glamorous.

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Need I say more....

Need I say more....

Change has duality because "we" categorize it as good or bad.

Change is neither. Change is opportunity.

Every second we are changing, our world is changing, and yes, our universe is changing too.

But for some reason we think that change gives or takes away things, or gives or removes us from situations. Again this is not true when you are living in the now.

When you have conscious awareness of how you feel, how you really feel, not how your mental dialogue tells you to feel; you become aware that change is now. That what you do now will one day be your past and that what you do now one day will be your future.

The key is not to dwell in changes of the past nor live with the expectations of changes in the future. Just be aware of now. Become your daily journey.

I embrace change wholly. I love newness. I love being challenged. I have now even come to love contradictions in my life. I love how I change. I love that we are all changing.

I love that I am not alone.



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