BuDhaGirl is the first fashion company that uses daily rituals to bring mindfulness into people’s everyday lives. We do this through a series of visual intentions and Reminders. We work with our scientific board comprised of neuroscientists, psychologists, and mindfulness coaches to bring optimum product interaction.

Through daily mindful glamour, BuDhaGirl allows people to create their own ritual, by adding intention to the acts they already perform. Choosing a Reminder™ in the morning or pausing to put on the All Weather™ Bangles, allows people to stop and think about what they really want to celebrate and accomplish that day. We provide the physical tools people need to remind them of the importance of being present and mindful throughout their day.


Pause. Be Aware. Be it. It’s Simple. It’s BuDhaGirl.


Jessica Jesse 

CEO & Creative Director

Jessica Jesse has resisted being called a renaissance woman, but that is what she is. Jessica, through BuDhaGirl, is affecting cultural change by showing others how to turn routines into rituals, thus making Mindful Glamour™, the new paradigm for living mindfully. She is a world traveler, a dedicated mom of two, a beloved wife, a sincere mindfulness advocate, an amazing cook, an artist, a jewelry and art collector, a designer, a true entertainer, a creator, and more importantly a visionary for a new way of living. She pursues her passions and projects wholeheartedly. Jessica embodies every aspect of a true BuDhaGirl.

Jessica was born in Mexico City in 1963 to an Austrian father and a Mexican mother. Her father was retired when Jessica was born so the family had a non-traditional lifestyle, traveling and moving often. Jessica began school in Carmel, California, where shortly thereafter her father took a sabbatical from retirement and was commissioned to build the new wing of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The family spent summers in Europe and also living at times in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Jessica lost her father in 1978 when she was only 14 years old.

Jessica Jesse began work at the age of 14, beginning her career in fashion as a runway model. Between 1978-1980, as she was finishing high school Jessica worked in Florida, New York, Mexico City and Paris. Even though she was working part-time, it was enough for Hubert de Givenchy to ask her to work for him as her closing model and spend a summer in Paris as a fit model.

From 1980 onward Jessica dedicated herself to retail. First taking an apprenticeship at Guy Laroche in Dallas, Texas as she was receiving her Fashion Merchandising degree from the Fashion & Art Institute.

After Guy Laroche, Jessica worked for Robert Sakowitz both as retail manager of his YSL and Valentino boutiques and also as buyer. Mr. Sakowitz understood Jessica’s true talent and passion in high fashion, taking her to Paris as the youngest buyer ever to buy both collections.

Jessica was then hired by Saks Fifth Avenue in Dallas to work as “personal shopper” a completely avant-garde term in 1982. Working under the direction of Susan Olden in NY, again Jessica was the youngest shopper in the Saks Fifth Avenue team. Jessica held several positions within Saks Fifth Avenue, including Couture Manager, and many years later Director of the Fifth Avenue Club.

Jessica also worked as Director of Silver Key Services at Neiman Marcus, Downtown, their flagship store. She was able to still glean knowledge from the legendary Stanley Marcus.

In 1986 Jessica was hired as Vice-President of Torie Steele Boutiques (Dallas, Texas), a company which held in its portfolio some the worlds’ top designers, including: Versace, Valentino, Jean Luis Scherer, Maud Frizon, Claude Montana, Zegna and many others. Her duties were the build-out of the Highland Park Village location, which was over 10,000 square feet; she was also store director and buyer.

In 1993 Jessica came back to Dallas from another time in Mexico and again worked for Saks Fifth Avenue as Director of the Fifth Avenue Club for six years; becoming a key player in a team that produced over 200 million dollars in annual sales.

In 2013 Jessica launched BuDhaGirl, the first company to merge science, contemplative practices with fashion. She is CEO and Creative Director.

We believe in glamour. We believe in purpose. We believe chic matters. We believe in science. We believe in beauty.


We believe that intentions define outcomes. We believe your focused intentions make today a better day.


We believe that contemplative practices lead to brain health. We believe in humor. We believe in change.