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Self Evaluation

Lately I have been trying to take stock of myself, and when I catch myself doing that I stop, reign back the automatic voice in my head and I say to myself: “Jessica, if that’s what you want to do then you are going to clear your mind, step back and simply be for a few moments.”

Dressing In The Dark

Whatever happened to turning the lights on and looking in the mirror? Whatever happened to self-reflection and a sense of decorum? Whatever happened to having a sense that it is not alright to look and do whatever you want in life…especially at work, in an airplane, in a restaurant, or at the gym??

National Pink Day...YAY!

Of course today is a celebration at BuDhaGirl…we love pink! We think pink. We see the world through pink colored glasses, and we feel that everything is coming up PINK roses.

Here’s the BuDhaGirl team showing off the many hues of pink…everything from the most tender flesh-pink to a vibrant Schiaparelli would-kill-for pink. Fred approves (BuDhaKitty).

Blessed be he amongst pink.

Idrees, our rock-star tech and innovation guru is loved by all BuDhaGirls at BDGHQ. He helps us whenever we need a little of his magic to make all our systems work seamlessly.

How can you not?

Happy National Pink Day from all us BuDhaGirls to all you BuDhagirls!

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